My Sesquipedalian

Tell me if you see her. | April 29, 2009

“Weeping in the tropical moonlit night,”
she’ll miss me as much as I miss her. 

We’ll dance any time and all the time – ESPECIALLY if no one else is!!! 

She’ll stay up late with me laughing at the stuff no one else does, listening to music no one else knows about

She’ll wear clothes no one else can, but all wish they could (either physically or because they lack the gumption)

She’ll tell me when I’m an ass and love me anyway.

She’ll be smarter than me.

She’ll be WAY smarter than me.

The most attractive thing about her will be how God’s love shines SO much in her that her mere presence makes everyone around her smile.

The second most attractive thing about her will be her body 😛

The third most attractive thing about her will be how much she like my body 😀

She’ll always hold my hand.

She’ll let me rub her feet – even if they’re nasty because she knows I want to.

She’ll beat me at everything EXCEPT Super Smash Bros.

She’ll touch me before I see her and I’ll know it’s her just by the perfect amount of pressure she always uses.

She’ll look me in the eyes all night.

She’ll love Josh Heaton almost as much as I do. And Scott Reed almost as much as Josh.

She won’t like olives. So i can have them all!

She’ll bite my ear! And leave badges of honor on my neck!

She’ll make me want to be a better person just by being around her.

She’ll drag me to as many concerts as I’m going to drag her.

She’ll be so weird no other guy will date her but so crazy amazing every guy wants her.

She’ll know where all of my stuff is because God knows I don’t…

She’ll watch movies with me. And she’ll NOT watch movies with me >=D

She’ll know exactly where all my tickle spots are right off the bat and NEVER LET ME FORGET!

She’ll let me be sad when I need to then hold my hand again and not let me be sad when I shouldn’t.

She’ll show my sister how to be a good woman. She’ll make my Mom and Dad proud that they raised a man good enough for her. She’ll make all of my brothers JEALOUS!

She’ll be here tomorrow…


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